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BBC Launches International iPlayer iPad App With Subscription

The BBC’s popular on-demand catch up service iPlayer has been released to the international community for a monthly fee. The app itself is free to download but use of the service will cost users €6.99 per month or €49.99 for the entire year.

At present the service is only available in Europe in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. It is understood that the service hopes to launch in the US soon, although no date has been set.

The service will provide users with on-demand access to top BBC television and radio shows, many of which are currently sold via services like iTunes on a per-episode basis. Downloads from these paid content providers has risen 45.7% through 2010-2011, and the BBC hopes to capitalize on this rising popularity with the subscription model iPad app.

Speaking to paidContent, the BBC revealed that this ‘global iPlayer’ will differ from the UK’s current version:

The global BBC iPlayer app will be a different proposition to the UK on-demand service, which is partly based around catch-up of the BBC’s linear channels.  As such, programming will not automatically transfer to the global iPlayer – instead it will be an editorially curated mix of contemporary and classic programming.

In the UK, the BBC’s iPlayer service served 159 million requests in May 2011 alone.

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How to watch BBC shows outside the UK

BBC recently released their iPlayer which allows you to watch many of the BBC shows on the web. Unfortunately for us, BBC does not allow users outside the UK to watch these shows. Luckily there’s a way around this. There are many sites recommending different software to use, but having tried many ways, this is the one I’ve found that works using Windows and Firefox: (note, you can also use instructions below to watch other content blocked from viewing within the US, or even to watch content only allowed in the US when you are abroad)

Step 1: Download and install the latest stable release of Tor using the default options. You can uncheck Privoxy in the install if you like. We will be using another proxy tool. (Tor is a tool that allows you to browse the web anonymously by routing your requests through various servers/proxies)

Step 2: We now need to ensure that the last server your request is routed through is a server in the UK. Go to https://torstat.xenobite.eu/. Click on the pulldown next to “CC:” and select “GB” and hit “search”. Now click on the “>” under “Exit”. You now have a list of servers in the UK that are allowed to be used as Exit Servers. Take note of all the nicknames of the servers except those marked Unnamed.

Step 3: Go to Start Menu and open All Programs -> Vidalia Bundle -> Tor -> torcc. This will open the Tor config file. Scroll all the way to the bottom and enter the following lines:
StrictExitNodes 1
exitnodes <list of the names you found in step 2 separated by commas>
An example of the second line above would be:
exitnodes anonion,anotherlink,colinwillsdorkyahoo
Save the file and exit notepad.

Step 4: Run Vidalia. After a few seconds, it should say “Connected to the Tor Network”.

Step 5: Install the Foxy Proxy addon for Firefox.

Step 6: When you install Foxy Proxy, it’ll ask you if you want to add a Tor proxy to it’s settings. You’ll want to set up the Tor Proxy to have the following 2 patterns: BBC iPlayer pattern – http://*bbc.co.uk/* and Tor Check pattern – http://torcheck.xenobite.eu/*

Step 7: Check that you’re exiting through a UK server by going to http://torcheck.xenobite.eu/index.php

There you go – now, when you have Vidalia and Foxy Proxy running, whenever you go to the iPlayer site, you’ll be able to watch videos. Note, that you’ll probably have to repeat step 2 and step 3 intermittently, as the same UK servers don’t always exist.

BBC Launching iPlayer iPad App Outside UK

bbclogoFans of BBC programming will appreciate this latest tidbit.  According to the Financial Times, the BBC is planning on launching its iPlayer app as a commercial subscription for iPad users outside the UK.  United States viewers are said to be the first target.  The report says that the news conglomerates plans are still being worked on.

As of right now, the BBC offers a free version of its iPlayer iOS app for UK users, who are already paying TV licensing fees in order to support BBCs programming.  Since the BBC cant charge for content in the UK, the organization is aiming to offer paid subscription access for its content in foreign markets, like the US.

The report is citing Luke Bradley-Jones, managing director of BBC.com, who says that the service would start out as a paid subscription app, ‘in part to get audiences used to using the service, but more importantly so we can generate additional value from the service in terms of the user data that it gives us.’

Bradley-Jones had said that the BBC was ‘planning for the Global iPlayer to initially launch just on the iPad platform, as it provides such potential to develop a truly interactive video-on-demand service, and also maps pretty nicely on to our core target audience for the service.’

Following that, the BBC would then expand outward to offer up a variation of subscription access, digital downloads and pay per viewing, and would also aim for chance to work with advertisers to sponsor free content.

Currently, the government in the UK charges residents an annual ‘colour TV’ license fee of about $227 US, which is then used for supporting television, radio broadcasts and production.  It also covers its online programming, such as mobile delivery via its iPlayer app.

So what do you think readers?  If this app does come to light, are you game?  Or pass?  Feel free to leave your comments below!

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How to Access the BBC iPlayer from Outside the U.K.

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Non-U.S. users frequently encounter the annoyance of geo-blocked content when trying to access popular sites like Hulu, but every now and then we feel the burn in the States, too. Reader hengehog details how to access BBC’s iPlayer from outside the U.K.More »

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